Email inquiries are preferred. Please copy and paste the following questions into an email, and send to with your answers. We answer all reservations within one week.


Street address:

Mailing address (if different from street address, please include City, Province and Postal Code).

Phone number:

Are you inquiring about a specific litter? If yes please list names of parent dogs. Indicate if you have a color or gender preference or if you are flexible.

Are you looking for a puppy for a specific purpose? i.e., as a hunting dog, search and rescue dog, as a pet or for competitive sports? If you intend to compete with this puppy, please list the sports/venues you are most likely to compete in and the goals/titles you would hope to achieve.

Please describe any PEOPLE that live in your home. Name, age, occupation. Who will be the primary caregiver (i.e., in charge of feeding, training, grooming, exercise?) Are all of the household members informed about the future puppy or is the puppy meant to be a gift/surprise?

Please list any current PETS in the household (name, age, breed). Please describe any previous dogs that you have owned (breed, energy level, cause of death or reason for rehoming).

DAY TO DAY Life: Please describe a typical day, and how long you are normally away from home on a typical workday. What will the puppy do while you are away? Where will he sleep at night? Is your home an apartment, condo, single-family home or other? Rent or own? Is there access to a yard and if so, is it fenced? What is your normal daily routine and how will a dog fit into it.

Have you owned a Labrador before? If you have owned a lab before, please list their breeder’s name/kennel name.

Do you have any questions for us about our dogs, our purchase contract, health warranty, or the puppy purchasing process? If so, please list them here.

Are you currently on the reservation list or waitlist for any other breeders? If yes, please specify.

Please include anything else that you think will be helpful for us in matching you to an appropriate puppy if you are selected for a puppy from one of our litters. Feel free to attach photos of your family and/or current pets!

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