Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Ontario

Our Upcoming Litters

Our puppy plans are in the works – we will have puppies in 2022!
We will update our posts often over the next few months, so please keep checking for the news here.
Our plans are as follows :
  • Miss Finny bred November  6, 2021 – Puppies are here!
  • Miss Maple – bred October 28th – puppies confirmed and have arrived. THIS RESERVATION LIST IS NOW FULL.
  • Miss Charlee breeding in January 2022 – puppies in March  2022 
  • Miss Splash breeding end of December 2021/ January 2022 – puppies in March 2022.
Our plans are to breed all of our girls mentioned above, to our Mac – “Greyden’s Mr. Sumac Tough as Nails”

Applications will not be open till confirmed pregnancy.

Please do not apply till you see confirmation of pregnancy on this web page.

Please read the following on how to obtain one of our puppies:

Puppy Purchase Process (click here)

We do not take reservations on our puppies until we have bred and an ultrasound tells us we have puppies. We will announce our expectancy here.



We wish everyone so much happiness with their new additions to their families and remember to send us pictures as they grow. Keep in touch and many happy tails!
~ Denise

Check out our kind words from our lab puppy owners – TESTIMONIALS

lab puppies for sale

More Kind Words From Owners

Ooh Denise, we are totally besotted with your darling Errigal. He is beyond fabulous and has really settled in and having fun with everyone.

It was my turn to host our Irish Book Club tonight and Errigal was SO happy-out when Jim carried him in to meet my girlfriends. There were six of us, and each one wanted to hold him. His tail was wagging like crazy and he bestowed adorable kisses on each of them as he was passed gently around from one to the other.

You cannot imagine the sheer joy you, Reno and Errigal have brought into our lives. We cannot express the great depth of our gratitude to you.


After loving and enjoying our beloved Ivy for 10 years, in June of last year we had to put him down. He was the most wonderful loving “chilling” as my kids called him dog we have ever had. His Certificate name was Notta Warf of Greyden Golden and he was born from Corhampton’s Barley O Brady and Cinderleaf Greyden Golden.

It took us a long time to get over our loss, but we have finally come around and decided it’s time to bring in the next puppy which is the reason for my email. Please let me know when the next litter of puppies will be available, we would like another large male like Ivy was. We are hopeful to get a puppy in the spring?

M. Heintzman

Pictures of Greyden Labrador Puppies